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Good Vibrations

Good Morning My Confidants

I don't know if this is my favorite coffee time, but Sunday mornings is one of my favorites. Especially on a day like today.

Front door open and a slight breeze, it is 64 and it's going to be 87! Wonderful. There is at least one cardinal singing outside and I won't be surprised if I hear the neighborhood woodpecker soon. First time I heard that, I was surprised. That's not a bird I expected to hear in the city.

And I love that this is the day that all three of us--my husbands and I--are together, even if we all wake up at different times and neither will go to church with me. Hey, it gives them alone time and throuples work when everyone gets pairing time as well as triad time.

I made some wonderful coffee. Really wonderful coffee. Ground it and made it and it is so full of flavors and layers of flavors and it is just one thing that makes it great to be breathing and alive. So many people didn't wake up this morning.

It struck me yesterday morning, while Noah and I were out, and we were talking and lazily scrolling through our social media and I saw someone who every day posts something about something bad that happened to them. I won't post what it is in case they see this, but all I could think of was...damn. Near every day! This was a particularly lousy one, but damn. Near every day! What the hell is that about?

Can people really be that unlucky?

It also then made me think of a certain hateful man in the public eye that somehow keeps getting away with the most horrible things and has for decades and I think, what the hell is that about?

Can people be that lucky?

And what has struck me is the furthering of my complete and total belief in the Law of Attraction. Now before you stop reading....

How many things throughout time have been considered magick or witchcraft (etc) and then just turned out to be a science we didn't understand. Stars were suns out there in space and we were just a part of it all and it wasn't holes in God's canopy in the sky or angels and we aren't the center of the Universe. Why to say otherwise (on the latter) was heresy and you could be burned at the stake!

But now we understand.

The Law of Attraction states that what we think about we bring about. Sounds witchy-woo-woo, right? But the fringe science of it says that thoughts have a vibration, and we send those out like some kind of radio tower and those vibrations bring back like-vibrations.

So therefor, for my friend, who is always posting the terrible thing that has happened to them today and that life sucks and they sometimes just want to die--they are sending out the vibration, and they are doing it in a powerful way. Over and over, more and more, stronger and stronger....and the like vibrations are returning, stronger and stronger.

The Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity. If you are rich or poor, saintly or evil, and you jump off a building, gravity works the same. So, if my friend expects the worse, they will get the worst. Yes, in a psychological way (and isn't that enough?), but in a very real way. Jump off a building and you ARE going to fall.

And a certain traitorous individual absolutely believes he is always right and that he is wonderful and that nothing can harm him and he can get away with anything and he believes it completely and totally and without doubt and he is sending out that vibration and doing it in a powerful way, over and over, more and more, stronger and stronger...and the vibrations return and what he thinks about he brings about.

Now I also believe in something akin to karma and that in that sending out and bringing back, something else gets involved there, and that is why kings fall and gangsters go to prison and hopefully that man I am talking about will pay for his actions....

But all this is to say, that if you are sitting there this morning wondering what shitty thing is going to happen TODAY, then I want you to do something.


No excuses! No buts about it. No, "But you just don't understand, Ben!" NO BUTS! STOP IT!

Instead, please please please please think of something good in your life!

Even if it is only the singing birds outside and a good cup of coffee.

Do you have a trust friend? Think about them and some wonderful day you had with them. Did you and your friend break up recently? Then don't think about that! Think about the pet at your side and give them a good scritching. Something! Think about a beloved sibling. Don't have one? Don't think about them. Think about something that you could do today. Something you can do. A walk. Sitting outside and listening to a cardinal. Do you like to read? Read something that makes you feel good or happy or makes you laugh.

Send out good vibrations.

Vibrate love.

It doesn't matter your situation!

Are you in a hospital this morning and in pain? Don't focus on it! I was in the hospital for 13 days and it was awful. But I focused on anything good and I flirted with the nurses (who knew I wasn't really interested in them) and the view (which wasn't very good but I could see the blue sky) and I put things on the TV that were fun and never once watched the news and somehow, it got better. It always does.

My lower back hurts this morning and I am not focusing on it. I am focusing on my coffee and this writing and the lovely breeze and the fact that I leave in 45 minutes to go to a church that doesn't teach hellfire and brimstone and punishment, but teaches unconditional--and I mean unconditional--love and Universal connection.

And I know, I know, this is going to be a good day.

This IS a good day already. I accept nothing else.

Sending out good vibrations. I eagerly await what comes back.

Send out good vibrations! See what comes back!

It's worth a try. Isn't it?


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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4 Kommentare

Sitting here with my 3 cats, giving them some scratches Enjoying looking out my window with the leaves budding on the lilac bush, in the sunshine. Sending the very best loving vibrations to you and the other bears.

Gefällt mir
B.g. Thomas
B.g. Thomas
15. Apr.
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Gefällt mir

14. Apr.

Good vibrations do make a difference me some sun and birds singing, too!!😁

Gefällt mir
B.g. Thomas
B.g. Thomas
15. Apr.
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Gefällt mir
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