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Soul Management

Good Morning My Confidants

Looks like it could be a beautiful day. The door is open. The birds are singing. I'm drinking coffee and thinking of watching the extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home ...... again. A love letter to his fans.

Still being triggered by people I'll never meet in my life this morning on Facebook, but, I did reel it in pretty quickly. That's a good step. So many of those people are sad or lonely or angry or jealous and I have to remember not to get caught up in that. It's a waste of soul, you know? I usually say a waste of energy, and it is. But it's also a waste of soul.

Why waste my soul?

It's why I'm not going to read about Chiefs player Harrison Butker. I hear he's another pathetic individual who sang all kinds of nasty stuff. And do I really want to read about that? Do I want to stir up all that nastiness inside me? Instead, perhaps in the next day or so I'll send off an email to the Chiefs telling them what I think about people like him. There's a lot of people wanting the Chiefs to cut him. That's a constructive use of my energy. Of my soul.

I'm going to figure this out.

My Ken Kouture doll did not show up yesterday like he was supposed to, like FedEx was saying up until 10:00 last night he was supposed to be delivered, however this morning I see that he's out for delivery. Since it's FedEx maybe I won't have to wait until 10:00 tonight. Fingers crossed. I'm very excited about him.

And my Weird Barbie is supposed to be here tomorrow! She still in Pennsylvania, which was where Ken was stuck for 4 days, so I'm betting it'll be Friday. Either way she's finally coming and she looks fabulous. She is doing the splits!

Meanwhile, just sharing with you all is already putting me in a better place. I need to do this more often.

Because telling some awful nasty so and so in social media what I think of them is a total waste of time. Why bother? What am I accomplishing? Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

While sharing with you feeds my soul.

Isn't that a whole lot better?

Oh! A Facebook friend named Jeremy Joesup shared this with me and I wanted to pass it on. I thought there was a lot of wisdom in his words. What he basically said was that....

Soul management is of the utmost importance. Depends on topic at hand. Letting go is good. But, "Sometimes I will not because my soul requires [that] I not let that sort of voice weaponizing social media be the only voice making a sound. Soul management is of utmost importance and I’m glad you're sharing here. [It] makes a happy difference, Ben."

Wow. I am thinking on this big time.

Because I hope my voice does make a difference in this world. I try.

And maybe when someone makes loud crashing noises, I can muffle them a bit. Just do it without being condescending or reducing myself to ugly tactics....

Things that make you go, "Hmmm...."

I have good things to think about now. Thank you, Jeremy.

I'm drinking coffee and watching the extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home ...... again. And I'm cuddling with doggies.

Please do what makes you feel good today.


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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