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Thursday Thoughts....

Good Morning My Confidants

I hope this finds you happy and well!

My hip is unhappy this morning, but my massage yesterday really helped me generally anyway. I'm happy.

Today is Thursday, two more days until the weekend that I can spend with my Husbears. But I don't want to wish away today and tomorrow. Who knows what magick is waiting for me? I don't want to skip over that! I'm looking for the blessings today, and I know they're right there, and I'm going to see them any minute!

And today is my last class on Mental Equivalents. I'm excited and sad at the same time. I'm learning so much...but I'm not quite there on it all. I'm going to miss my classmates and all we talk about and discover.

In my Buddhist studies years ago, I learned about the concept of "Sangha." It's an Eastern word, and like a lot of Eastern words, it doesn't translate well into Western words or thoughts. And when I look up this word there's as many definitions as can be. But the one that I most understood was something to the effect of "like-minded community." And how we should surround ourselves with that community.

There's so much negativity in the world, so many negative people around, so many misguided people, so many terrified people, so many confused people, so many angry people, so many hurt people, so many people who just don't know what to do..... And they're expressing themselves. They should. But what's rough is that the loudest people are the people who easily misguide those who are trying to have hope.

I get bombarded with negativity, or at least thoughts and words and memes that agitate me. The trigger me. Or people who tell me that I don't understand the "Big Picture," and believe me, I understand it a lot more than they do. Or at least the part of the Big Picture that resonates with me. Please don't tell me how to live my life.

And so more and more and more I'm having to unfollow people on my social media feed.

With Sangha, I surround myself as much as possible with people who believe as I do. That doesn't mean I isolate myself. I don't stick my head in the sand. I'm still willing to listen to others and their points of view. I believe we must.

But then I can only speak for myself.

For many years I was living a magickal life, but a series of circumstances took me completely and totally away from my Sangha. I had nothing to support me. I had nowhere to turn. I had no one to talk to who believed as I believe. And so in the bad shit happened, it was far too easy to believe and those people who think the world is shit. And when I did, I fell down into the tar pits and down down down down.....

When I finally got away from the major cause of what was destroying me, I was so worn out, so without energy anymore, so crushed in my beliefs, that I wallowed in the darkness when I no longer had to.

That's all changing and has been changing.

And a lot of that is hanging out with like-minded people, because when I'm forgetting what I believe, loving Happy like-minded people remind me of what I believe.

I truly don't see how anyone can deny that we attract what we believe, that we pulled to us what we say, that if we expect the worst then that's what we get. We see it. It isn't that we're trained to see better, is that we're trying to see only one thing. The worst.

I know shit happens out there. And I help when I can. But I am not going to wallow in the worst anymore.

No more.

And for a sweet friend who truly believes that I've been tricked somehow, rest assured that I have not been. And that I understand the despair of thinking that a friend has lost their way and if they would only listen to me everything would be better. Thank you for that, but I don't need that. You walk your path, you're valid path for you, and you let me walk mine, okay? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

So, I'm going to miss this class and my classmates who surround me and what I want to be surrounded with. You help me stay on track.

But I will not think about the lack. Because what I think about I bring about. I will only focus on the mental equivalent of abundance and Sangha. For I know this.....

There is only one Life, that Life is Perfect, that Life is Universal Life, that Life is my Life now. I know the truth and that is that the universe is conspiring for my good and that with every breath, more good is coming to me and is happening to me now, even if I don't always see it. I live in awe of all of this, that I've discovered it, and I am so incredibly grateful. My heart is filled full of thanks. Filled to overflowing. And I know that I can now release this into Universal Law. It is done as I believe.

And so it is.

I don't need to know how it's going to happen, I only know it is going to and that it is happening now.

What do you need?

Believe in it. Believe in it. Believe in it. Believe in it.


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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Mar 21

Enjoy and gleen as much as you can from class. We all benefit from what you learn.!! Still trying to visualize the positive more.,, a work in progress!!😁

Replying to

It is always a work in progress. I honestly believe that in many ways, that is why it is called a "practice." Don't stop!


I'm glad the massage was helpful. Also, I thought this might be amusing:

Replying to

Thank you and yes! This is so true! LOL!

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