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Rambling About Mental Equivalents....

Good Morning My Confidants

So, I got up at six to have coffee with Noah, and here it is nearly 8:00 and I don't know what I've accomplished.

Getting to spend a little time on my porch and it's a little chilly, but somehow refreshing. The birds are really singing this morning. It's like I'm in some kind of birdhouse at a zoo. All beautiful, no squawking this morning, and I can't remember when there was this much birdsong, not even when camping. There's even a woodpecker!

Watching a video with Joe Dispenza and doing my homework. Mr. Dispenza is heavy, really heavy. His focus is changing your mind about who you are, really feeling it, and how your life can change when you do that. But, my goodness. This is stuff I believe in, but, oh my goodness. He says so much in just a few sentences, but he never says just a few sentences. He's going on while I am still trying to digest what he already said. I have to keep pausing his videos to try and absorb the implications of his thoughts before I can go on.

Ever had teachers like that? Not that I've met him. But it does all relate with the homework I'm doing. Change your mind and change your life.

Mental equivalents....

I can't make my life better until I really believe it can be better. I can't start feeling better until I really believe that I can feel better. I can't be truly happy until I believe that I can be truly happy, and that my happiness cannot depend on anyone else but me. The Universe will take care of the rest.

Sounds like drivel and you don't want to keep reading? That's okay. This is a record for me. Anyone who wants to ride along with me is invited.

One way or another, I demonstrate (brought into being) what I habitually have in my mind. Does my mind go to a dark place? Does my mind go to a positive place? How easily am I frustrated by the negativity of others?

And what can I do about that? That's what I'm wanting to learn.

It's not easy to be positive when you have a demagogue out there that can destroy the world and millions of people following him as if he were a savior. It's scary. So how do I be positive when all that crap is going on?

Well, I'm discovering that the biggest part of that is where I put my attention. I've discovered that followers of the orange one are totally convinced that they're following the right man and that there's nothing I can do to convince them otherwise. So, I am not wasting anymore energy trying to reason with them or show them the truth. It becomes like a hornet's nest inside my head. Then what can I demonstrate to the world but a hornet's nest?

"Harmonious thought means harmonious experience. Fear thought or anger thought means suffering or frustration." ~ Emmet Fox

But you know it's easy to think positively and to change the way I think while I'm taking classes and watching videos and doing my homework. But keeping it there, that's the hard part. When I see this crap happening in the world, it makes me want to keep with that old way of thinking. Not consciously. But nonetheless that's what happens.

RBear can keep me informed on what I need to know. He's obsessed with watching the news. So therefore, I won't be an ostrich with his head in the sand.

On the other hand, this thinking positively-thing, this concentrating on what I want in my life vs what I don't want, I have seen the impossible happen for me over and over again, and I know it's when I put myself in the right mental place that it happens.

Emmet Fox goes on to teach that I cannot be affected adversely by anything if I have no fear concerning it. Whoa. And easier said..... "The secret of Harmony and success is to concentrate your thought up on harmony and success... ... What you attend to or concentrate upon, you bring into your life because you are building a mental equivalent."

Well, I'll tell you this much. As much as I should be focusing on myself here, it helps to observe others.... And what I also see out there in the world is that there are a lot of people who are every day talking about how bad the world is....and for them it never gets better. And the people out there around me who are always talking about how good their life is, well their life seems to pretty much always stay good.

I have a friend who has one medical thing after another happening to her. And almost every single thing that she talks about or posts about is about whatever bad thing has happened to her that day. I cannot remember once ever seeing a post of hers (in the last few years anyway) that was sweet, or humorous, or lighthearted, or joyful. Nothing. Is there really nothing good happening to this her?

I look at the few years of my life where my mind tended to go to how awful my life was, and it pretty much stayed there. And the thing is I knew better! I knew how to change it. I knew what I had to do to make things better, but I just couldn't get myself to do it. I think there was just too much negativity around me.

But now I'm separated from a lot of that negative outside influence now. I do think I "demonstrated" that. That I helped bring what I wanted into being. I was so determined to get away from that place that I finally did it.

So why am I wallowing around when I now have so many opportunities to change my mind and change my heart and be the Ben that I love being?

This is the reason why I'm taking this class. It's why I go to Wednesday night support group. It's why I hang out with people who want to better their lives and I have stopped even following people on Facebook who are always negative (let alone engaging them).

Well, I'm working on it.

Bit by bit and day by day I'm working on it.

That's what I can do. Work on it.

But not with force and willpower, but by simply washing myself constantly with the positive instead of the negative.


Good morning my confidants.....

Thank you for listening/reading this morning's ramblings. I'll get there. I know I will.

I hope your day is magnificent. I know mine's going to be. Why the sun is shining on my face, and there's nothing much better than that.....


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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Mar 14

I made it today. I came out on the other side. Another day to flourish n grow. One step at a time!!😁

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sometimes I, too, get discouraged about all the bad that is going on around us. I remind myself of the starfish story. Maybe you have heard it? A person is walking along a beach where thousands of starfish have washed up and are dying because they are on land and not in the sea. The person picks them up, one by one, and tosses them back into the ocean so they can live. Another person criticizes this action, saying that you can't save all of them. The first person replies, "Maybe not, but I can save this one" as they toss one more starfish back to safety.

I cannot fix all of the world's problems. But I can fix some…

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You got me teary with that one! Well said!


What did you accomplish this morning? You lived!

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