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My the Fourth Be With You

Good Morning My Confidants

And may the Fourth be with you!

It's a drizzly day, but I think it'll be a great one.

Going to one of my best friends in the world's party today, a tribute to the old circus side show and that will be a lot of fun. A few errands to run today, and trying out a new (for us) coffee shop. So I thought I might tell you a little bit about that since in many ways, this is a coffee blog.

For my birthday, my sweet friends Mike and Jessica, knowing my love of coffee (and I suspect my enjoyment of finding new cafés to try) got me a gift card for Café Corazón.

It was a charming little location with a definite theme. Their website says, At Café Corazón, we offer you the legendary warm, inviting hospitality, and mouth-watering flavors unique to Latin and Indigenous cultures. We’re a one-of-a-kind coffee house, specializing in classic and specialty Latinx and Indigenous coffee, espresso drinks, and food. Café Corazón is the premier cafe in the Midwest serving traditional Yerba Mate tea... ...The incredible variety of culture, food, language, and music—fostered and appreciated by Latinx cultures provides beauty and inspiration to us all. And this is what Café Corazón reflects.

And Noah and I loved it.

I had the Churro Stole Latte (organic blue corn pinole • maple syrup • cinnamon) and a red velvet donut and Noah had the spicy Mayan Mocha (organic Peruvian cacao, ancho + chipotle chili • homemade whipped cream, a bit of a bite, but not too much, even for me!) and an apple empanada.

It was a very enjoyable experience, and our drinks were utterly delicious, and I can easily see this cafe joining the list on our rotating coffee shops!

If you're interested in trying it out, their phone is 816-750-2589 and they are located at 110 Southwest Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64108. Their weekday hours are Monday thru Friday, 7am - 6pm, and their weekend hours are Saturday & Sunday 8am - 6pm.

Thank you, Mike and Jess, for letting me continue to celebrate my birthday! Love you both!!

What are your plans today? I hope they're great!

Go out and conquer a galaxy!!

Love and Namasté to all!

BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

Jessie and Graeden our charming and adorable baristas!

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1 comentário

05 de mai.

Everyday is a reason to celebrate! A new place to go, how wonderful!!😃

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