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The Real Thing

Bryan has fantasized about cowboys all his life. He even dresses in what his roommate Tommy calls “cowboy drag” when he visits his favorite club in hope of attracting the attentions of a genuine cowboy.

Then Curtis buys him a beer, and Bryan has no doubt that Curtis is the real thing. He even breaks his rule and takes the man he barely knows home to his bed, and oh, it’s only the best night of Bryan’s life!

But can they move beyond a night of incredible sex to a happily ever after once Bryan admits to Curtis that he’s not the real thing and that the only horse he’s ever ridden was a birthday party pony when he was a kid?


March 1, 2017


52 pages

The first edition was originally a 2011 short story and a part of the Dreamspinner Press 2011 anthology, Riding Double. The second edition was expanded into a longer story.

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Cover art by L.C. Chase

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