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Witchy-Woo-Woo, or What Are You Going to Do With Your Words Today?

Good Morning My Confidants

I got up a little late today.

Noah had to go in early. The location where he works has taken on 12 truckloads of stock that comes from a location that they close down. It came in early this week. Twelve truckloads!!

And so everybody is working their ass off because they want that done by the weekend. Well they all have tomorrow off because of Good Friday. So if it's not finished they have to go in on Saturday.

What a kind of bummer is that? They were supposed to get a 3-day weekend and now they might not?

So the deal is if they all work their butts off then they won't have to go in on Saturday.

So I'm beaming them tons and tons of energy. How about you? What we think about, we bring about.

What do you want to bring about today?

Today I want to bring about getting a couple things done that I should get done and then I'm going to have fun fun fun tell my husbears take the T-Bird away!

LOL! But seriously, they're incredibly indulgent. That's just one of the many things I'm thankful for today....

And today is going to be a fun fun fun day with one of my dearest friends. She has decorated her house gorgeously with Easter stuff and I'm one of her only friends that appreciates it, so I'm going to go over there and love love love her decorations.

We're going to have a few crazy fun cocktails that are all holiday themed. Very pretty. And we're going to go out for sushi and tempura and I love that.

But most of all I'm just going to get to spend a good wonderful quality time with my friend Nea.

She has been a dear friend for about 25 years!

And in a cold world you need your friends to keep you warm.... Or so goes the little thing for one of my favorite movies, The Big Chill.

If Noah doesn't have to work Saturday we will for sure have all my Easter decorations out because they're all spring spring spring so even though I'm getting them out way late (but only late because Easter is so early this year) they are all flowers and bunnies and that thing will fit for at least all of April. And there's some of my most beautiful dishes. I'm looking forward to that.

So what I want to bring about today?

Fun. Daddy Bear needs some fun today.

I will miss my doggies, it's not like I'm going to be gone for 8 hours or anything.

It's 35° here in Kansas City, Missouri this morning, but it's going to get up to 68°, and I'm so excited. It's funny, normally I consider 68° on the chili side, but not today! Not this time of year. I saw a meme once, which I cannot find, where it showed how in the fall a temperature seems cold and people are wearing long pants and a coat and a scarf, yet in the spring when it's the same temperature everyone's running around and shorts and a tank top!

That's because our thoughts have tremendous power. I just need to figure out how in the fall, after my favorite weather, to convince myself that 68° is as warm as I think it's going to be today. LOL!

If there is tremendous power in our words. I'm going to keep saying this. I'm going to keep saying this...

Because I believe our words have power in the sort of....well....witchy-woo-woo way, and also in a far more believable way (for those who don't believe in magick)....

If I'm out in public and I somebody that has a fabulous haircut, or I love their makeup, or I love their t-shirt, or I love their outfit, or I love their jewelry, I love their laughter, or whatever... I tell them so. Why just last Saturday I walked up to a lady sitting at a table and telling her that her hair was absolutely gorgeous. Because it was. And she sat up straighter in her chair, and she and her friend giggled for at least five minutes.

I hope I didn't come across as one of those dottering old ladies who complimented me and my youth, but if I did, that's okay. I have a white beard and I use a cane, so I know I'm not as young looking as I am inside my head. So if I'm a dottering and old man? I'd rather be that than that next door neighbor who screams at everybody to stay off his grass. In fact, if I had grass in my front yard I think I'd have one of those little signs that says, "Please Walk on the Grass!"

It used to really embarrass RBear when I would just compliment people. He would ask me, "Why do you do that?" But then of course introverts rarely want the focus on them. Another thing I'm learning. Everybody is not Ben. There's nothing wrong with that. I have to respect that. Thankfully most of my loved ones respect the fact that I am Ben.

Anyway, we were in his little hometown of Brookfield, Missouri, we were at a Walmart, and I saw this lady in this fabulous colorful vaguely mumu kind of outfit. This is not common for Brookfield. It's more of a baseball cap, hair in curlers, t-shirts, kind of ton. I could not help myself. I walked up to her and told her that she looked FABulous!

She was so startled! Nodded. Said "Thank you." Went on her way....

And yes.... RBear said, "Why DO you do that?"

Later, while we were in line checking out, that lady happened to be in the checkout lane a couple lanes down. And she walked right up to me. RBear FROZE and grabbed my arm, pretty hard. "Oh, God," he said.

And do you know what happened?

It's been over twenty years so this won't be word for word, but....

"I just wanted to tell you that I was having a really terrible day. I was having a really terrible week. Things have been roughly. Startled me when you walked up to me but I wanted to say that you have no idea how much I needed that. Have somebody say something nice to me. And that was really nice. I have been floating for the past half hour. Thank you. Thank you so much."

Tears sprang to my eyes, and I turned to RBear and said, "That's why I do that."

To his credit, and 20 plus years he's never asked me that question again.

So therefore, if you do not believe in the Law of Attraction like I so fervently do, if you do not believe in New Thought, if you do not believe in witchy-woo-woo way stuff, know this.

Your words have tremendous power.

What are you going to do with your words today?

Whether you say it out loud or in a comment on social media, the words you say have power. Are you going to lift someone up today? Or are you going to bring them down? Or piss them off? Or start a flame war? It's all up to you.

And if you feel that you simply MUST address some dumbass or ignorant post or comment, as yourself this. Must you? Really? Has it ever done any good before? Did yu change their minds? Did they say, "Oh, my God! You're right!" and they suddenly became an advocate for trans rights (or whatever)? Did they suddenly, after a lifetime of living in their trailer that has a rebel flag hanging from the porch, say, "Holy shit! You're right! They should tear down those confederate statues!"

So.... When you find you MUST comment, is it you wanting the change the world, or is it your ego?

I am seeing now that about 90% of the time for me, it was ego. I figured Ben was so smart, that the world (and that offensive person) badly needed my thoughts and opinions.

And it really doesn't. At least most of the time. I mean, I hope I am helping change the world--even a fraction of it--with my essays and blog. But that is you reading me. Not me commenting on you.

Decide what you are going to do with your words today.

Because you might just save someone's life, and never know it.....


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

PS: Below is my Spring Table from last year! I think it is so pretty!

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Mar 31

Words ARE power. May we all lift others and spred the love! 😁


I also give compliments to strangers. Why not? It makes people happy.

Replying to

Right? Keep it up! It is so easy and it makes people smile! I love a smile!


What use is having Good Friday off if they have to work Saturday? Might as well work Friday and have a regular weekend.

Replying to

That's what Noah and everyone he worked with said!

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