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When I'm 64.......!

Good Morning My Confidants

Well, I feeling a little bit better today than yesterday. I am not doing jumping jacks or anything like that, but better.

I've been advised to keep skipping coffee for a bit. Not even a latte. So, I's tea again?

Not exciting to me....

On top of that, per my weigh in this morning, I am up 1.6 pounds and who even knows what that means? I had Gatorade last night. I've been eating Twinkies to get something in me. It could be anything. It's disappointing, but it has been my first gain in three months or a bit more, and I don't know how accurate a weighing in it is, so I am not going to get depressed about it.

So yes, I will deal with tea and I will deal with the weigh in because I know that this too shall pass.

I am not going negative today. A good attitude is the best medicine. It amazed me how it helped in a two-week hospital stay once.

I am not going to make any posts about the orange one, so we're all marked safe from that. Hopefully I won't have to hear about him for several days. All that causes is anxiety. Anxiety is certainly not good for my health.

So tomorrow, I will be 64. Wow. "Will you still need me, will you still feed me?" I think so. At least my husbears apparently do. Whew! And my daughter wants to talk about the new Taylor Swift album. I'll take it.

I may have a little get-together next Sunday. There are so few of us left though, you know? And many of those still here don't like to leave their houses, or they are not healthy enough. But I think, I need to celebrate every day I have. We never know. So many of my passed-friends were drinking a whiskey with me or bitching about what's going on with Star Wars one day, and then they were just...gone the next.

So, every week is a joy, even when I'm not up to my best. Someday, I will join the Ancestors to the dust of time.

But today? Today I'm alive! Sitting with one of my spouses and drinking hibiscus lemongrass tea and eating a biscuit with some jam. If I've made a bad choice, don't tell me. It's too late!

It's a chilly, but beautiful day. The sun is shining. There are beautiful people around me. I should be getting a very special Barbie in the mail today.

Life is good.

And I wish you your best day ever!


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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Happy birthday, a bit belatedly! It is sad to think of the friends who are no longer around. It's even sadder in my case that a few of them were lost due to The Orange One. I watch a bit of what's going on, enough to cackle with glee that--finally--he might get a comeuppance. Some are saying that just sitting in that courtroom all day and having to be quiet and not move around is hell for him. It's not enough payment for what he has put the country through, but it's a beginning.

Anyway, sorry to be a downer on your almost-birthday post, but I am happy to see you had a nice day of it!


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