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WEIRD Wednesday

Good Morning My Confidants

Weird morning....


Just discombobulated this morning, scattered, directionless.... Ever had one of those days? Getting lots of little done and lost your compass?

I did some dishes. Noah made a great dinner last night of crab cakes. He does so much more than his share. Both my husbands do.

BIG GOAL for me. Day by day pull myself up and start doing more. Even if it is only doing some dishes or something like that. Bit by bit by bit....

RBear and Aspen are home. I thought Willow was going to lose her mind. They instantly began chasing each other all around the house. It was so cute. I am SO happy RBear is home! So happy. And he got me a few Mini Verse kits!

I stayed away from the news this morning! Yesterday was a shock watching that ship hitting the bridge in Baltimore. Surreal. And finding out what new shit Trumpelstiltskin has gotten away with and watching his legions still following him. Bibles now? Because America needs to pray again?? He'll say anything. And they swallow it.

And when I think about this kind of stuff it just makes me spiral. So, the thing is, what should I do instead?

What's good in your life?

Stop fighting it. Today is. And hey! I'm here! I'm alive. I've gotten rid of 25.8 pounds. My husbands and dogs are healthy and home. Noah has Friday off and has a three-day weekend and his department doesn't have to go in early this week to make up for it! I got my Disability check! Deposit that maybe?

Good good good good.....

So much good.

It's only 25° this morning, but hey! It's getting into the 50s! And it's going to be 69° on Easter! Do without what you will....

Today I've decided I'm unsinkable. I might be a little bit directionless as I type this, but I'm not staying there. I'm going to make little goals and go with it. Maybe read a little. Call a friend. Do a Mini Verse kits. Take a hot bath. Yeah... Do those and see what happens next.

Because you know it's Wednesday. It's right there in the middle of the week. Smack dab.

Talk about the possibility of looking at this as a glass half full or half empty! LOL!

Did you know it's still possible to live for the weekend when you're not working? Crazy, huh?

Okay, Wednesday. That means my recovery support group is tonight. Good. That always does me good. A nice midweek recharge. Yeah!

I'm just rambling. Rambling rambling rambling!

Should I just delete this?

Nah .....

Today is what it is.

So being a half full kind of guy, I declare this....

Something wonderful is going to happen today. It could be simply an insight, or we might win the lottery. Who knows? But something wonderful is going to happen today. Declared!

And in the meantime, I know that I plan on keep breathing. Anybody going to join me on that one?

Alrighty then! Let's do it!

I think I'll run that hot tub of water.....


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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Mar 28

Today was,a weird Wednesday, but I talked with a new friend today. Blessings never cease! I even stood my ground today. .yeah..small steps!😁

Replying to

Love this so much!


Mar 27

from Marj: Why, oh why can't my snow plowing service get it right? We have a shared driveway. They are to do BOTH sides, Both garage pads etc. Every time this year they have not done my neighbors side and I've had to call them in the morning and have them come back. And the neighbor we share the driveway is sometimes real nice and sometimes not. Last summer I asked her to look for a snow plow service that she liked. Did she do it? No. So at the last minute I am calling around and we ended up with someone expensive. And they still can't do it right. Grrrr.... Hopefully this is our last Major snow.

Replying to

Our snow melts. We never shovel once inch! LOL!

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