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This is Going to Be a Much Better Day

Good Morning My Confidants

This is going to be a better day.

Interesting little lesson this morning and it all happened because of coffee. A little parable you might say.

Every morning—nearly every single morning!—Noah gets up and does his morning routine before getting me up, and that includes making the coffee. It's incredibly sweet. He does too much. Way too much. But he does it out of love. I am so blessed.

Anyway, this morning.... Well.... I didn't like the coffee.

I did ask what coffee we were drinking and it turned out to be some of the last of a little bag we had of a more generic brand that is already ground. Some grocery store brand.

Thing is, I could barely drink it. It is bitter and actually tastes...I don't know....old. And it was clear that I wasn't imagining things. I knew there was something off about the coffee. This wasn't me sneering at a label.

I sat there trying to drink it after he left and realized what pure 100% laziness it was that I would sit there and drink something I wasn't enjoying.

You know what?

Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

I realized I could get up off my fat lazy ass and make more coffee.

So I went and dumped what was left, looked under the counter and found the bag of coffee I wasn't enjoying, I threw it in the trash (life is too short to keep bad coffee), and found a bag of beans (from Oddly Correct—my favorite), ground it, and made some coffee. Really good coffee.

Noah out of love gets up every day and five days a week, and sometimes more, adds coffee as one of his chores. I am certainly not going to complain that this morning he chose not to grind beans and to take a shortcut instead. What kind of crappy husband would I be if I did that? Especially when he is just a fabulous husband who takes care of me to an ultimate degree??

So.... Through a half pot of coffee, I learned a lesson this morning—one I already knew but sometimes have to learn again—and that is if I don't like the way life is going, I can do something about it.

I can sit and drink bad coffee that I truly and honestly can barely choke down.

Or I can get off my butt and do something about it.

I can go make better coffee. Something I can enjoy.

I can sit and complain about the world.

Or I can look for something I can do about it.

Today I am going to do something about it.

Yesterday I was talking about ordering something and how I was sent the wrong item and they were resisting making things right. Well, I confronted them, more or less nicely, and this morning they decided to make things right. And she and I both admitted our possible mistakes and we both agreed we had learned lessons and how to do things better in the future.

Yesterday I was so upset for the hatred being directed at a doll that was so clearly GLBTQ+ hatred because he looks very gay and I spent way too much time getting caught up in it and I know people hate GLBTQ people—I've been hated my whole life—and I know getting nasty back doesn't do a damn thing, it only spreads the ugliness. So why did I jump right in the shit pool? It certainly didn't make anything better.


Today I see that in a few hours that doll is going on sale and with all those who apparently don't want him, and the fact that—finally—Mattle is only allowing one per customer so it will be really difficult for the scalpers to buy them all out and sell them for outrageous prices, I foresee I am going to get him!

And I am getting him because sweet friends—almost all from social media!—contributed money so I could afford to get him!

He is a gift of love and I will always see him that way! I mean, wow! Every time I look at him, peering his so-cool glasses with that little mischievous dimpled smile, I will think of the love. In fact, my eyes are filling with tears just thinking about it.

Isn't that so much better than wallowing in hate?

Today is going to be a better day.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

Life is too short to hate.

Life is too short to do anything but love.

I am going to celebrate the good.

Celebrate with me?


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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May 08

Yeah, a good day on the making!!😃


If that ever happens again, throw the coffee in your garden! The plants will still find it useful!


These are good lessons to learn. Live in Love, Always.

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