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Good Morning My Confidants

How are you this morning? Did you remember to smile before you got out of bed? I didn't. My hip was screaming. Maybe I should use that to remember?

I am smiling now. I'm focused on everything good in my life and good that is coming today. And not going to think about the thing that pissed me off so much yesterday. There's no sense in it.

This morning is my class on Mental Equivalents and it's really exciting. All about how, as I've said here before, what we think about we bring about. So, if I focus on that incident yesterday and I'll just bring it into my life all the more. Or if I focus about all the good things yesterday and that I know are coming today then that's what I will draw it to me.

I truly do believe this. I've seen it happen over and over again. Some people say it's all in my head, something akin to a placebo. Who knows? If they're right what fripping difference does it make? If all I'm doing is noticing the good, and not paying attention to the bad, well so be it. That's good enough. That's reason enough.

On the other hand, if I'm correct here, WOW!

I'm not talking about avoidance. That's different. I'm not talking about avoiding something that I need to confront. That's not healthy. I'm talking about obsessing on things that I can't do anything about and only make me feel bad or agitated or anxious.

The big thing for me is not to ask how, which is my natural state, it's simply to believe. And I know from my life, I know from experience, that it works.

Here's what I've discovered. If there's something I don't like in my life, something going on, and I tell myself I'm NOT going to think about that anymore....well, I'm thinking about "that." It's like when someone says, "Don't think about an elephant!," you're immediately thinking about an elephant.

So, this is what I am learning to do. So, for instance, that "thing" from yesterday, which I'm thinking about again by giving you this example...! I find something ELSE to think about. Something wonderful. Something positive. Something constructive. Even if all I'm doing is thinking about how that thing could have been better in a different circumstance. I'm replacing one picture in my brain, and replacing it with another picture. I think about "a" something else.

Whenever a memory pops into my head, and I'm like, "Oh no, now that's back in my head!" the thing to do is to pay attention to something else. Let that fill my head instead.

For instance, as soon as I'm done here, I'm going to put on a video from YouTube about a speaker that I've recently discovered that says some powerful things. I'm just a buzz every time I watch one of her videos. She seems to just erase everything else. And all my thinking is now pointed in a direction that's healthy.

(In case you're interested her name is Barbara Waterhouse)

So.... Spiritual lesson over....

For fun, what IS your superpower? Mine is fantastic parking spaces. I get them almost every single time.

A couple years ago my daughter and I went to Lawrence, which is a college town, and the part of town that's so fun is extremely limited in parking. We were driving around the couple of stores that we wanted to shop at and there were no parking spaces and I was gabbing gabbing gabbing, when suddenly my daughter said, "Dad! Stop talking and use your superpower!!!" I laughed, and then hummed The Twilight Zone theme, and then wiggle my fingers and said, "Parking space parking space! Come to us...." and a car pulled out right in front of us, right exactly in front of the store we most wanted to go to.

Happens to me all the time.

Hmmm.... A mental equivalent?

No no no! I said the lesson was over.

So seriously, or jokingly, what is your superpower?

Until next time....


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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My superpower is connecting people. I will meet someone who needs X, and remember that I know someone who can do X. I connect them and everyone benefits.


My fous for this year is this saying -

People wait all week for Friday

All year for summer

All life for happiness.

Don't wait

Replying to



Mar 08

Thats an awesome superpower! Will have to think about mine today!😁


My superpower... hmm. There's stuff I'm good at, there's other stuff I've learned to do in spite of my self, but as for a superpower? Ah, I know. I'm a cat magnet! And I don't mind it at all!

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