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Sunday Morning

Good Morning My Confidants

I'm taking it easy this morning.....

.....easy Like Sunday coffee. 🎶🎵

The boys are off going somewhere to get Noah's car looked at. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Sending out positive vibes..... Ommmmm..... 😊

It's just a little bit cloudy. We might have had some rain last night, it's hard to tell. 70°, but it feels cooler. There's a nice breeze. Just the right amount of music from my wind chimes, including my lovely new one that just gives me the greatest Zen.

I am down 5.8 pounds, back on track the way I want to be. Had a little backslide in April with my birthday and everybody giving me cakes and cookies all the time. I really do have to be careful. Overeating truly is an addiction. Sweets and set me off.


I got a new surprise doll in the mail yesterday. He's supposed to be Drew Carry, but I think it had to be a real Carry fan to know. RBear loves "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" and he had no idea who he was, although Noah guessed it right off. I like him because he's not as skinny Ken, or even the newer "buff" Ken. All bodies are beautiful and he represents another kind of body. No body shaming here!

When the boys get home I don't know that we really have any plans today. I guess we'll just take it easy.....

.....easy like Sunday morning. 🎵🎶

That song is going to be stuck in my head all day. But they're far worse songs.

The neighbor's tiger lilies are in bloom. At least I think they're tiger lilies. It's a flood of orange and it's beautiful.

The cardinals are really serenading this morning and it's so lovely. So lovely.

We spent the evening with good friends last night, we'll have good friends over on Monday night.

How utterly sweet.....


Soon I'll be at church and get my charge and precious words to think of for the coming week.

I am so blessed.

But I have a lovely life. And it's a lovely morning. And the coffee tastes so good.

And it's so easy to see the good when I remember to look for it.

I hope you look for it.

Happy Sunday


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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3 則留言

Jean Stuntz
Jean Stuntz

Those are day lilies. So beautiful!


Will Jones
Will Jones

Yesterday was a very nice day.

B.g. Thomas
B.g. Thomas


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