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Sunday Blessings

Good Morning My Confidants

I have to say, this meme really made me smile. I was looking thru my coffee memes, looking for something sweet since it's Sunday, and the beginning of the week, and the day I focus on gratitude, but I saw this one and knew it was the one.....

This was how my day started

Willow: Hey, Dad. You getting up? It's Sunday. That's your day to let me and Mamma out to potty. And I really gotta go. Like, really gotta go, okay Dad? And you have to make that stuff you like to drink in the morning, right?"

And then my face was bathed in sweet kisses, especially my eyes.

So I got up and let the girls out, they very politely waited for me to do my morning ablutions, and I did my best to speed them up, and went downstairs with them thankfully not twisting around my ankles and speeding me even more by tripping me.

So, girls let out in the backyard, and coffee brewing, and found this meme and pass it happily along to you.

Are you getting up? Are you reading this in bed, or maybe the tub? Are you getting ready for some version of "church," if you do that kind of thing? Is this your one real sleep in day, so you won't see this until long after I've posted it? Maybe you have doggies or cats staring down in your face, insisting on their breakfast? Or kids? I'm glad mine is an adult so I don't have that to do any longer. I was never good at the "getting the whole house started" in the mornings. I can barely get myself in gear.

You know I was wondering why Willow insists on cleaning my eyes in the morning. I figured it was just the salt. But then it suddenly hit me the other day.

I clean her eyes every day. Get the crusties, while around her eyes, snip off any tear stains if need be. She didn't like it at first, and now accepts it every day. And it suddenly occurred to me. I take care of her eyes. Does she think it's her job to take care of mine? Is she caring for her human? She doesn't clean Noah or RBear's eyes.

Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

Today I am grateful, so grateful, for my family. My spouses, my dogs, my mother and brother, and my extended true friends. This morning I am so grateful that I made a simple comment on someone's post and they told me I'm one of the few men they trust. This morning I'm thankful for truly delicious, fresh ground, recently roasted coffee. I'm thankful for my home. My car. That I get to start my week at a church that teaches love and inclusion and spurns the idea that we have to run an obstacle course to please "God," and that Whatever God is, we can be assured It loves us. And I'll sneak in, I'm so grateful for my new dolls. They bring me so many smiles.

What are you grateful for? If you think on them this morning, and I know you have some, instead of what you're not grateful for, I promise that you will have more and more and more to be grateful for.

It's the Law.

Peace be with you today,

Blessings on you,

As-salamu alaikum,



BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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2 comentários

19 de mai.

Blessings to you, too. I am thankful for You, too! A sunny ray on a cloudy day!!😃

B.g. Thomas
B.g. Thomas
23 de mai.
Respondendo a

Thank you for saying that. And sorry it took me so long to reply

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