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Good Morning My Confidants

Interesting morning emotionally here.....

Waking up and drinking my coffee I got quickly on bleakness. Someone did a post implying self harm with something like, "I've had enough, I'm checking out, bye." I clicked on him to see whether I should be concerned or annoyed by a drama queen only to find entry after entry of a....dark (?) nature, including true crime videos. One of them horribly dark. Before I knew it, I had gone over to that site to watch more dark crime videos. In finally backing out, sick to the stomach, I found more people with negative posts.

And I was like.... WHOA!

Ben! Get the fuck away from this shit!

And I did!

I checked messages and discovered gold right off. A week or two ago RBear found me two Skipper dolls (Barbie's little sister) at an estate sale for a wonderful price (and then they were 50% because it was the final day of the sale). They were in beautiful shape as well.... except their hair which was dry and frizzy and worrisome.

But my friend Kathy offered to try her hand at restoring them....and wow! Did she ever! They are gorgeous! And she's going to give me a couple of vintage outfits for them!

Immediately after that I started seeing happy and inspiring posts amongst the doom and gloom, and focused on them instead of the "the world is a horrible place" stuff. Scrolling on by works.

Soon I was finding more and more positive stuff to look at a read. Plus I was texting with Kathy, my doll restorer, and feeling lighter and happier.


Don't read depressing shit!


Read happy stuff for goodness sake!

I understand clinical depression. Trust me boys and girls (and those who have not yet decided or don't choose either) I understand depression. I've sat in the dark doing nothing but watch endless hours and weeks of Netflix.

But you know, if I was going to do that, I could throw in lots of rom coms and comedies and feel-good movies (Sister Act or Pretty Woman or Love Actually anyone?). That can bring smiles.

And if you read me regularly you know there's scientific proof that smiling is healthy. People who smile feel better, have better immune systems, and live longer. So the next time someone asks you to smile, don't get pissed off.

Getting pissed off, by the way, is detrimental to one's health.

It's not always easy, and sometimes nigh impossible, but smile. Fake it.

Do something, anything, anything at ALL, that makes you feel better. Make a cup of coffee! Good coffee, high quality stuff. You're worth it (friends don't let friends drink cheap coffee). Do you have a favorite book or movie that always makes you feel good? Read it! Watch it! Is there a friend that always knows the right thing to say? Call them! Do you have a friend in distress? Give them a hand. It's also been proven that helping others is healthy.

I hope you are having a wonderful day. If not, I hope it turns around. I hope you turn it around. I know that you can. I have faith in you.


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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