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Poor Me

Good (late) Morning My Confidants

Ever have one of those mornings where you just feel sorry for yourself?

I'm having one of those mornings....

Thank goodness I know enough and better to wallow in it. I'll turn it around. But I am. Feeling sorry for myself.

My trigger pinkie finger on my left hand is bugging me. My infected middle finger on my right hand is very sore. My throat is still rough. And my gout in my left foot still hurts.

Poor poor poor me.

Walking to the kitchen to refill my coffee cup is quite uncomfortable.

I'm hungry and I'm not going to really be able to fix much because I'm hampered with the various aches and pains.

Pitiful. Just pitiful.

Woe is me.

But hey.....

It won't last much longer.

I went to urgent care yesterday (the hubbys took me) and got antibiotics and my F Finger is feeling better. I have a medication I take every day for the gout so the flare up isn't even 10% of what it was the first time it got really bad. I have a quite effective splint for the trigger finger. And my throat is much better than it was, and I'm not feeling the least bit feverish.

To quote the Beatles, "It's getting better all the time...."

So, why feel sorry for myself?


I guess I'm just not interested in this little set back. Not vested in it at all. Or trying not to be. I want it to all be done with.

Then there is the fact that the new Barbie that is about to be released is seventy-five dollars! Aaarrrgghhhh!

I am starting to get really frustrated with Mattle.

I understand that they are in business to make money. And I know that there are people who want the special higher quality collector's dolls. But some of us are on a limited budget.

I really wanted this one because of her white hair and vintage look. So many Barbies look like the oldest they could be is their mid-thirties, and that is stretching it. But every now and again, one comes out that one can pretend she is in her forties or fifties or even sixties with some could work! This Barbie, a reproduction of a very early doll, could be that kind of doll.

I am so glad this doll isn't a Ken. I would be so upset if there was a Ken I couldn't get. Because of you, my friends, through donations I was able to get the collectors dolls Weird Barbie and Ken Kouture and even Gay Bob. THOSE were the dolls I desperately wanted.

I am going to be happy that I have what I have.

I am happy with what I have!

But I still wish this doll had been more in the $35 range. I would have found a way to get her. Especially when this is one of the looks Margo Robbie styled.

And if wishes were fishes, we'd all swim in riches.

But I am not going there! I will be happy and blessed with what I have!


I think I'll feel sorry for myself just a liiiiitttttllllle bit more, and then I'll get on with my day. A couple more days and I'll forget how this was. Rest a lot today, and be ready for the weekend.

In the meantime, I might not have perfect health, but I have perfect healing activating. And love, and puppies, and my dolls, and good friends, and great coffee.

I know there are people who would give anything to have what I have.

I better appreciate it all!

What I think about, and thank about, I bring about after all. So, I better stop dwelling on my woes. I don't want any more of those.

Love and peace to all! And to me.


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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