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Not Getting Caught Up in the Bullshit

Good Morning My Confidants

I hope this finds you happy and well! I'm doing better!

I got a surprise this morning. I was coming downstairs this morning, I thought I saw a big rat scampering around and I gasped.....and then was a squirrel! There was a squirrel in my living room! I came down slowly, he seemed to be dancing around the front door and j was thinking I might be able to open the door and see if he'd leave. But that's when Willow and Aspen saw him and rocketed down the stairs.

They didn't get him, but it was close. I mean, that's what dogs like this were bred to do. The problem is now that I'm not sure where he is. I opened the back door and I'm hoping he left, but right now I don't know. I wish him well.....

We had a rainy morning. It's beautiful out. So green! The slightest bit chilly. But I don't mind. It simply reminds me I'm alive. Last night someone I've known for over 25 years passed away. Not a disease. No accident. Just...gone. Several startling things started my day.

And once more I'm reminded that I have no idea how much time I have left. Or any of my loved ones. Why in December I hugged a sweet friend on Christmas Eve-eve, and found out the next morning that he passed away in his sleep that night.

I'm not saying this to be depressing, and I am very much not wanting condolences (please). I'm saying that I'm reminded over and over that I don't want to waste my time arguing over, let alone get angry about, things that simply don't matter.

And I do! I get caught up and stuff all the time. Why on social media right now there's all these people hating on the new Ken doll that's been released, there's a bunch of people all stressed out about the new Planet of the Apes movie for some reason, reminding me of all the people that hated Barbie because the movie was nothing like what they were expecting (I guess what they wanted was a sweet little rom-com or something). There's man getting bent out of shape that women have said they would rather meet a bear in the woods than a man. And their mansplaining to women why they're wrong, when how the hell should they know when they're not a woman?

And then of course there's racism, and the homo and transphobia, misogyny, gun violence, and so much more......

It's enough to drive you crazy. It's nearly driven me crazy. And a lot of those things there's not a whole lot I can do about it.

What that means is that I need to be the change I want to see in the world. That's what I can do. That's not toxic positivity. That's being the best person I know how to be. And hoping that spreads out like ripples in a pond.

I remember reading an article about a study that was done how it's difficult not to smile when someone smiles at you. And I posted numerous times about the actual physiological, and emotional good that it does to smile. It's incredible.

More and more and more my goal is not to get caught up in the bullshit and focus instead I want really matters. People. Kindness. A helping hand. Love.

That's my goals.

Anyone want to take my hand?

Peace be with you all,


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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15 de mai.

When you are plugged into the internet feeds you hear way more bad stuff and various rants than good stuff. Want a good laugh? I went to sit down at my desk but just at the point of no return Voltron jumped on the back of the chair, it rolled back, and I abruptly sat on the floor instead. Ouch - but way funny in retrospect. Today is the 1 yr anniversary of my beloved Crikey crossing the rainbow bridge. I have been doing lots of cat hugging. And Nan's and my car is in the shop. It seems (???) the anti-lock brake sensor has stuck on. And Nan and Jane are in WI with Jane's car when i…

B.g. Thomas
B.g. Thomas
23 de mai.
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Love and Hugs to you, and yes, life is crazy!!

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