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Monday, and What Do I Want This Week?

Good Morning My Confidants

And happy Monday to you all.

I am just now surfacing as I was spending my early time focusing on what I want in my life, rather than what life has taught me to do, and that is focusing on what I don't want. There's a big difference and sometimes that difference is subtle.

As I am sure you all know, I believe very strongly in the Law of Attraction: what we think about, we bring about. I've seen it in action far too many times. There's no need arguing with me. I know what I know what I know.

I try not to listen to any news before noon. It's mostly awful stuff. I have yet to find a station that reports the good news rather than an aside. I like those stories where we see the cop risk his life to rescue the puppy or kitten in the medium of a busy highway. Or the 104-year-old Chicago woman who went skydiving, aiming to break record for world’s oldest skydiver. Or how the Starbucks workers raise over $40K for a barista after her car was burglarized. But that isn't what we get, so I just don't pay attention. I am sure a certain criminal will be up to his lies and hijinks later in the day as well as early. It all gives me way too much anxiety.

This morning, instead, I paid attention to a wonderful video by Barbara Waterhouse* on how to change what we think about. So often, when wishing and wanting, we are focused on what we don't have. We want a car because we DON'T have one. We want a better job because we HAVE a shitty one. We want a lover that understands us and cherishes us because we are ALONE or because the person that is in our life is someone we DON'T want in our life.

We aren't thinking what we want. We are thinking about what we don't want.

The Law of Attraction doesn't respond to "don't want." It responds to what we are thinking about. So if we are thinking about our crappy job, the Law will respond in sending us more crappiness. If we are thinking about how we want a car but we just CAN'T find one we can afford, the Law is going to respond by making sure we don't find a car. It can only respond to what we are concentrating on.

The tricky part is...well, tricky!

Instead, we need to be thinking about, and feeling about, what we want. We need to think about it as something we have. It can't even be that it is coming, or it will only always coming, and not arriving.

Now I know this sounds like New Age bullshit. I get it. I felt the same way.

But when I reflect on the downright near miracles of things that have come into my life...out of nowhere. They were and are things I really WANTED in my life. Oh, how much I wanted to go to Egypt or meet Stan Lee or visit that Star Trek set or so many other things. And they came to me not when I was sad that I didn't have them, but when (unbeknownst to me what I was doing) I dreamed/fantasized/pictured them as happening.

There are more things I want.....

A teacher once told me this story.

When he was in his early thirties, and had next to nothing, he would save a certain amount of money each month and go to a very nice bar, the kind rich people go to, and have a cocktail or two. Cocktails that were not cheap. But at no point would he think about the cost. At no point would he allow himself to flinch at the total. He would sit on that barstool as if he owned the place, or at least was able to afford this any day, every day. We would chat with the bartender in such a tone and attitude that the bar worker would never know this friend of mine might have had to skip a meal to afford those two expensive drinks. He would chat with other patrons, obviously well off, and act as if he too lived the life of a rich man and also "deserved" to be there just like anyone else. He tipped well. He made sure that if his mind was even tempted to drift over to, "Why did I spend that money on a couple of drinks?!?!" that he quickly turned from those thoughts and instead to thoughts of plenty. He felt himself living the life he wanted to live, but never by thinking about how he didn't yet have that life. I guess you could say he pretended, but did so with conviction.

This teacher of mine now lives in a penthouse apartment in Florida. He is living the good life.

I know this can be true of all of us.

Yesterday I took a refresher class on Affirmative Prayer. This morning, I use what I learned. When I pray, I pray this way....

There is only one Life, that Life is the Divine Life, that life is Perfect.

And that Life is my life now. I was made by the Universe, I am part of the Universe, the Universe is part of me. I am made of star stuff! I am made of the Universe. I am the Creator and created all in one. There is no septation.

I am made in "God's Image" and that means that I am a creator as well. And as a creator, my creation is the stories I write. And right now, I am writing about Cal and Perry. I see them as real people and I am them and they are me and I create from my Universal heart and soul and mind. There are only the flowing words. They come to me now, today, this coming week. I find out more and more about them as I create and become more and more creator.

And I thank the Universe for all of this. For what I was created to do and for Creation to work through me, as me. I am so grateful for this. I see the words written, the cover art right there in front of me, the sales soaring as everyone want to find out about Cal and Perry and how they get what they deserve, especially love. I am gushing with happiness and love for my two men.

And now, I Release this into Law, know it is done and manifesting now, even if I can't yet see it. I don't ask how, because I know the Universe is conspiring for my own good, and that it is fulfilled in ways I can never imagine! All of this is done for my good and for Universal good.

And so it is!

And there I release you today! I know my great week is here.

Do you?

Believe it! What you think about, and what you thank about, you bring about!

And so it is!


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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20 de mar.

I need to visualize better..the more 'real' the better!! I've got to make it REAL!!😁

B.g. Thomas
B.g. Thomas
21 de mar.
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