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Life (Can Be) Dukkha

Good Morning My Confidants

It's a sad morning.

I woke up to find out that a Facebook friend passed away last night I never got to meet him or his two companions, and I really wanted to. I wish there were more Triads and the Kansas City area. It would be nice to have that community. Stephen Pribble was it really amazing guy and the world is colder place without him.

On a different note I found out that someone "threw away" a live puppy in a garbage pit at a waste dump/recycling center. Today someone "threw away" a live puppy in the What kind of jerk could do that? The workers got the pup out and took care of it until the shelter people came. The awesome news is they got the dumper's license plate and reported it to the police. And happy ending, someone was able to adopt the puppy.

That was the beginning of my day.

Life is dukkha. That is the First Noble Truth. There is suffering in this world and there's nothing we can do about it. Except....

Our real suffering comes and how we think about and deal with the dukkha that comes in our life. And that when there is something that we can actually do, we do that.

This morning I can honor the life of Stephen Pribble. I can tell you what a remarkable and funny guy he was.

This morning I can make a small donation to the local shelter. I'm determined when I get a little bit more physically able, and I'm heading in that direction, that I'm going to do volunteer work at shelter. I love all animals, and I'm especially devoted to dogs. They have at least 100,000 years of evolution to be our companions, and we are their stewards.

I can also be incredibly grateful for a dear friend of mine named Deb Jenkins who loves animals even more than me, believe it or not, and who took me out for a wonderful lunch yesterday for my birthday. So, I'm still getting to celebrate! It was a favorite restaurant that closed down but luckily reopened. It was an absolutely wonderful meal, especially because of the company. She even got me birthday presents and presents for my dogs, and did some toenail clipping for willow. What a very special friend. I am so blessed. And thinking on her and my day yesterday can bring a smile to my face on this sad morning.

The day also ended on a wonderful note. I got to see, with Noah and my dear friend Cricket, the new Planet of the Apes movie, and I loved it. I fell in love with the apes when I was 13 years old back in 1973 when my mom took me and my brother to the drive-in. We had gone to see The Sound of Music, but saw they were doing a marathon of all five Apes movies. I was very upset that we chose not to see The Sound of Music, little gay boy that I was (although I didn't realize it yet) this musical is one of my favorite movies. About 10 minutes into the first film I cast aside my anger and embraced this franchise with all my heart, and it's been special to me my whole life. I loathed the Tim Burton movie, so when I heard they were trying again I did not have much hope. And yet, Rise of the Planet of the Apes was incredible. And I've been a fan ever since.

Here in just a little while I'm heading off to a dear friend's house. She has a big anniversary party coming and I'm going to spend the morning helping her get ready for it. Another pleasure. I get to help her. And I get to have good company with a woman I love dearly and with all my heart.

Life can be dukkha.

But life is also filled full of light and harmony and love.

This morning I honor the life of a good man, I honor those who rescued a defenseless puppy, and I think on love with the good friends in my life.

What is going to be your focus today?


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

PS: Please, please don't say "sorry for your loss," okay? Tell me, if you want to say anything, how lucky I am to have/had so many wonderful people in my life.

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May 10

All forms of friends are precious. Live on the mo.ent!!😃


I hate the missed opportunity of losing people we are connected to but not had the chance to meet yet. Just because you've only known them online doesn't mean they are lesser friends. Hugs

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