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It's National Ben Day! Celebrate!

Good Morning My Confidants!

Did you know that today is National Ben Day? Wow!

Now it isn't specifically Ben Thomas day.... But... Well why isn't it? I think we all should have a day!

"National Ben Day is celebrated on March 7 every year. If your name is Ben, this day is just for you — it exists to honor you and everyone else who bears your name! Ben is generally a nickname that comes from a variety of full names, like Benjamin, Benedict, Bennett, or even Benson. In particular, Benjamin is of ancient Hebrew descent and means ‘son of the right hand.’

"Benedict—formed from the Latin ‘Benedictus,’ which means ‘blessed’—is another prime candidate for the abbreviation to Ben. Ben, however, can also be a full name in its own right, meaning ‘son’ in Hebrew.

"Looking at U.S. statistics we can see that Ben is a name of declining popularity. Back in the 1880s, it was ranked as one of the 10 most popular names, but as of 2020, it holds 770th place. Not all looks bleak for Ben, however, given that it holds a shining seventh place in Germany and a respectable 32nd place in Ireland. As would be expected, Ben is also quite a popular name in Israel."*

If you have any friends or relatives named Ben, send them all your love on this National Ben Day. Just let them know you care.

Most people are probably unaware of National Ben Day!! Let the world know all about it! Bens deserve to be acknowledged, after all.

I am being a little silly here, but on the other hand...why not celebrate?

We should all celebrate whenever we have the chance!

Anyone would be happy to get a call on the day dedicated to their name! What are you waiting for?



BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas


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5 commentaires

Hey, National Margaret Day is November 23 this year! I will have to remember. Not to be confused with National Margarita Day which was last month. So, Ben, make the most of your special Ben day!

Will Jones
Will Jones
07 mars
En réponse à

But a celebratory margarita on Margaret Day seems good.


07 mars

Hurrah for Ben Day!! Have fun and celebrate!!😁


Yeah to all Bens!


Will Jones
Will Jones
07 mars

I celebrate you everyday. 😘

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