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It's International Rescue Cat Day

Good Morning My Confidants!

It's International Rescue Cat Day!

And while I am not a "cat person," I absolutely love other's cats! They are sweet and beautiful and while I sometimes joke about them--but don't take it personally cat-people! LOL!--I love all animals.

And I love rescues! OMGosh, yes! The people who work or volunteer for such organizations are heroes, as well as the people who adopt. All my life I was told, "Don't get a pet from a pet store! It promotes puppy/kitten mills! And rescue animals know they've been rescued and make the best pets!"

I called bullshit on both. "Those dogs and pets are at the pound because they are problemed animals and the owners didn't want them! And how the h*ll is an animal going to know it was rescued! They are animals!"

Guess what? I sure was wrong! OMGosh!

The animal that truly made me believe in the divine and that all animals are divine was a rescue! My sweet Sarah Jane! She was at a rescue center because she was found wandering along the side of a highway, terrified and sad. She had been severely abused. The only "problems" she ever had were given to her by humans!

And Oliver was an angel. A goofy angel, but an angel. And poor Frodo had spent at least ten-years in a puppy mill and didn't know how to be a dog and any "troubles" he had were again, induced by humans (may there be a certain level in hell for them, even if I don't believe in hell!).

"International Rescue Cat Day is observed on March 2 every year. There are a lot of homeless cats on the streets just waiting for a day like this where people will come to take them off the streets and adopt them as a member of their families. To adopt a cat, you just need to visit a pet adoption agency and after the agency does their due diligence and everything checks out, they then go ahead with the adoption. Most domesticated cats are valued by humans for companionship, especially by people who work from home and people who live in apartments.

"Over 6,000,000 domestic animals enter U.S. animal shelters worldwide each year, of which over three million are cats. Each year approximately 530,000 cats are euthanized in the shelter," but thank God "this figure has decreased in comparison to 2011 when it was about 1,500,000 cats being euthanized. This decline is due to an increase in the number of cats being adopted and an increase in the number of stray cats being reunited with their [owners]. Approximately 2,100,000 cats are adopted each year."*

It warms my heart knowing that there are so many centers that refuse to euthanize (a polite word for "murder") animals and hold out however long they need to in order for these homeless creatures, who never asked to be born, find a home!

So, are you thinking about getting a new cat? Why not do it today?

OH! And also!! I have gotten rid of another 1.6 pounds for a total of 20.8 pounds since the end of the first week of January! Twenty pounds! Try hefting a 20-pound bag of something! That "ain't no" small amount! And I was lugging that around with me every single step I take, every day, walking, climbing steps, simply living. No wonder I have pain in my knees and hip and back!

But that is ending as I form a new mental equivalent of what I want to be. At what I am already becoming. And that as far as Universe is concerned, I already am! And I am perfect, just the way I am, "fearfully and wonderfully made!" (Psalm 139:17) "What a piece of work is a man, How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, In form and moving how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel, In apprehension how like a god."**

That is the mental equivalent I have made. No shame anymore! No tears at what I have done to my body in the past! There is only this moment. There is only how I treat myself now. And how I transform myself now into what is in my mind. I have made the mold and now, with belief, the Universe has "no choice" but to fill it up!

Best of all, my dear friend who is in the hospital, that the doctors were going to keep unconscious until next week, is awake! Such a blessing! Does it make sense that I wept and danced at the same time?

This is going to be a great day! It is 43° as I write these words and it is going to be 74°! How fabulous is that?!?!

And tomorrow we are going to see "Dune Part Two"! I am so excited I could pee my pants! I think it is past time I read that book again!

I am so excited I could pee my pants! I think it is past time I read that book again!

What are your plans today! Make them glorious!

Maybe adopt a cat!


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas


**Hamlet, William Shakespeare

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Well, we have a dozen, all rescues, so between the five of us…

Replying to

Wow! A dozen! A home FULL of love!


Mar 03

ALSO, please, if you're considering adopting a cat or dog -- or both -- before going to a no-kill shelter, PLEASE check whether your county or city has an Animal Control adoption facility!

They are almost ALWAYS kill shelters, and they make sure the animals are spayed/neutered (unless they're too young, in which case you can bring them back for that when they're old enough, or they'll refer you to a very low cost vet for the procedure), AND have at least their first vaccines... and often they will microchip them for you, too.

Adoption fees are usually much lower at Animal Control, as well.

I adopted a dog and a kitten in 2018, and the COMBINED adoption fees came…

Replying to

Love this so much! Thank you!


Not sure where my comment went so will post again! June 6, 2013 was Chives' rescue day. He's changed our lives for the better - and I like to think we've given him a good one in return. He is soooo loved.

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Duch a beautiful cat and there has been love all over the place!


Mar 02

All 3 of my cats were rescues as well as my 2 dogs. My husky was a “rescue” from a well respected breeder. All puppies in a litter aren’t champions. The ones with faults such as improper bite, are called cull pups and sold at a lower price with a promise you will spay/ neuter and not breed the dog. My husky had aged out of the cute stage and faced an uncertain future until I offered her a good home. She was the best companion.

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What a beautiful story!

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