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Do You Ever Stop and Smell the Coffee?

Good Morning My Confidants

It is 45° this morning at 8:00 in the morning. Today will reach 80° - bliss! But temps drop severely tonight to 19° with a chance of snow, only for the high tomorrow to be 43°.

Weird. I guess I should be happy that the conservatives are right and there is no such things as global warming, right?

I have been up for two hours, and I have no idea where the time went. I have checked my clock, computer, and phone. Yup. 8:00, WTH?

I was listening to meditation music for a bit and thinking of those I love in the world. Then listened to a little music--including Rihana's "Lift Me Up"--and looking at my phone but not really wasting time, I was looking for things to make me laugh. Laughter is so good.

I guess that is a good way to "lose" two hours, huh? And what a blessing that I have now in my life the ability to do so.

I think I will have a second cup of coffee and sit out on the porch and take advantage of this gorgeous morning. Because sometimes I like to take time to simply enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise over the house across the street.


I am thinking of a friend who is in the hospital and wishing them love and healing. This person is a dear friend. They need to be home doing what they love best.

And I am going to study/do my homework for my class this Thursday morning, Mental Equivalents. A mental equivalent is the magnet that draws to you what is lodged in the subconscious mind, whether it’s something you desired or not. So my thoughts this morning and today are all on healing and love and hope and laughter. Yup. That is what I want to draw to me. I don't pay attention to "the news" until at least noon.

I do very much believe that I can shape my life and day by what I focus on. As I have said, even if there is no such thing as The Law of Attraction (and I know that I know that I know that there is), it has been proven that resting, breathing deep, and being positive benefit our health. So, if it simply chemical, what is wrong with that? I benefit either way.

My mental equivalent for you all is that you are surrounded in beauty and peace and healing and love and laughter. You don't have to believe. I do.

I hope you will hold out your hands and accept what I am sending into the Universe.


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

Lift me up

Hold me down

Keep me close

Safe and sound

Burning in a hopeless dream

Hold me when you go to sleep

Keep me in the warmth of your love

When you depart, keep me safe and sound

(Songwriters: Robyn Fenty, Ryan Coogler, Ludwig Gorannson, Temilade Openiyi. For non-commercial use only)

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