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Bean Me Up!

Good Morning My Confidants!


I hope this finds you happy and well and knowing that you are so blessed.

I am counting mine.

Having a tough morning. Arm is very sore from my Covid booster yesterday. Back hurting. My mind is vague and unfocused.

No. Wait.

I take that back.

You become what you think about most.. But you also attract what you think about most.” ~ John Assaraf

While it is silly to deny, I don't want to CLAIM "bad" things either.....

I will have to figure out how to rephrase that then.... New to this "Mental Equivalent" thing. Finding a new thought or way to think about something.

I woke up this morning with my arm hurting and back hurting and I have started a two-pot stew for dinner tonight and that was a lot of standing and cutting—onions, green beans, carrots, celery, plus the browning of the stew meat with onions and garlic—and opening cans and whipping up some vegetable broth, which exacerbated the back pain.


That is not the truth of who I am. I am not pain.

I have had my fourth Covid shot and that furthers my resistance to Covid. I have dinner slow cooking and it is going to be amazing. The house already smells wonderful. And by doing the two-pot version—veggies and base are all in one crockpot and Noah can eat that, and the stew meat and onions in another and RBear and I can half and half that with the other tonight—we are happy and well fed! And I was able to do something for the family. I am a loving member of my family and working to do my part. It will also be a very healthy meal!

I will do what I can, starting now, to cut through the fogginess of my thought processes this morning and I know with all the tests the doctor did yesterday, when I go in for my follow-up, we will form a plan for my future health.

And during meditation, that I will take the time for now, I will see myself surrounded in healing light (and thank you Jean for the hint of visioning myself during meditation), golden swirling light. And then end it by focusing name by name the people I pray for each day.

Be back soon..... that was nice.....

As a step to getting where I want to be, I listened to a video on YouTube called "5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere" by Goodful, and it was just what I needed. Very helpful. I think I will do this for a while until I can get my mind back into its old meditation-ways!

And I love going down my list of friends and acquaintances and sending them positive energy. It helps me feel a part of the Everything.

There is something that RBear would like me to work on today and I am going to rest a bit and then try my best to do so. Even just part of the project will make him happy, and he does so much for me. Finding something to do for him is a privilege.

And that's the art of being a part of life.

I love it.


You know what? I just realized something. I am feeling better...!


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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The stew sounds wonderful, and how clever to make both vegetarian and meat versions..

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Thank you. And it was delicious!

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10 abr

From Marj: Last Covid shot knocked me on my ass too. But I choose how much my body affects my mind. I mentally set aside the day after to be achy and lazy and binge on tv/a favorite book/s, and let it run its course. And I have a colonoscopy coming up in July. My body will rule for 3 days and I will let it. I've been through this many times. Takes 1 1/2 days to flush the propenol out of my body, and of course there is the so-not-fun prep.

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