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Coffee and a Bath

Good Morning My Confidants....

Another late6 to rise mornings.....

....I only stayed up until around midnight or a little later. It's now past my "normal" bedtime of around 10:30, but I wanted to finish watching something and I wound up talking to my daughter for probably an hour and a half and that was really nice. We were really on the same page and talking about everything from Taylor Swift and her talent and lyrics and what a good person she is and what the hell is going on with the haters, to our Mini Verse projects (where we're making the tiny faux foods) and when I started nodding off, it was hard to sign off.

She and are a lot different and a lot the same and we love a lot like a brother and sister, fighting and just as fiercely loving each other. I so wish I had a relationship with my mother like that ....

But I need to let my mother be my mother. Hard lesson, but so true. We are pretty darned different as well, she's pretty conservative, but thank God she figured out a certain ex politician, "Is not a very moral man, is he son?" At least we don't have that debate!

RBear is going out of town in a few days to his hometown if his health will allow. That might be cancelled now. He called in sick today, and he and Noah's work ethic is Empire State Building high, he rarely calls in sick unless he's SICK, and both of them have frequently gone to work sick as long as they felt they were not contagious.

I know he needs to go see his mom and check our house there in that little town and all of that, and sometimes he needs time alone, I kind of time alone I don't need, and so I want to wish him the best and give you my blessings, but I just hate it when The Three Bears aren't together. AND he wants to take one of the dogs and I really hate when it's not the five of us together, but it will be good for both of them. Good bonding time. Aspen already loves him to an unbelievable amount. We got her while he was gone on business for over 2 months, he walked in the door, and she was in his lap and laying against his chest almost instantly. It was like, wow! I've just been weeks with her, and you walk in the door, and BAM!! It was so sweet.

All that will be moot though if he's too sick to go. If he's sick enough to stay home from work, there's a good chance he'll be staying home for the next 4 to 5 days.

So, life is full of mysteries, ain't it?

By the way, I would don't think I would ever take a bath in coffee, certainly not hot from the coffee pot, but I got a kick out of this. Having coffee while in the bathtub it's an incredible luxury!

My Mental Equivalents class is over and I'm sad about that, I will not only miss the class itself that was excellently taught to us by Reverend Mike Irwin, but the learning and class companionship as well. Some friends were made, and some friendships deepened.

I have wanted this phase of life for about 20 years I finally got it and I wasted two of them. Covid was partially responsible, but only partially, and I'm coming out of my shell. And that's wonderful.

I'm only 63 after all, and amusingly, I was one of the youngest in the class. I have a lot of potential life ahead of me. I've chosen to claim it. Everyday. Good and bad. Except let me tell you a secret.....

What I'm claiming is the good ones. My Mental Equivalent is good good good good ...

Happy Friday to everyone, if you have to work today or not, I hope you reach out and with full intention grab hold of this day and claim only you're good.

I'm claiming it for all of us!

And so it is!


BG "Gentle Ben" Thomas

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Mar 23

Weird. This didn't show up in my FB until Sat AM!

Replying to

Weird indeed


Mar 23

Hope R bear is better today. Positive vibes are always a good thing. Sorry I didnt give you a heads up last night. 😁

Replying to

Thank you!

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